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Ashesh and Nekhvam


Searching for my Blues

Savannah,Georgia,USA Series 2018

Rachel's, George Town, Georgia, 2018(Video)

Ashesh: Guitar/ Vocal, Mike: Bass, John: Drums

Bayou Cafe, River Street, Savannah, Georgia 2018(Video)

Ashesh: Guitar/ Vocal, Mike: Bass, Drums: Larry, Congas: Panama

Ashesh & Nekhvam are Nepal’s premier blues rock band with a unique blend of rock, blues and Eastern rhythms. Nekhvam means “crazy about music” or "Addicated to Music" in the Newari language and started as a blues trio in 1994 by the two brothers Ashesh and Sibesh Dangol.

Hailed by the German press as ‘the reincarnation of Jimi Hendrix from Kathmandu’, Ashesh and Nekhvam’s mix of psychedelic blues rock has that essential blues spirit of humbleness and poverty performed live at a technical level that is simply unmatched by other bands today. Their growing international fan base brings

them back to Europe in 2011 for a follow-up to their successful 2010 tours of Norway and Germany.

Many of their distinctive songs are composed in English and Nepali. Currently working on their third album, “New Spirit”, tracks include “In my Brother’s Blues”, “The Wind” and “Listen”. Well known at home for their support of a number of charity projects in Nepal, they have a keen following in their home city of Kathmandu and will share their magic again in 2016 with audiences across Europe

In my brother's blues

Fabrik Hall

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